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Australian Economy Looks Good in 2017

Latest projections indicate that the Australian economy will enjoy a strong period of growth in the second half of 2017. The Westpac-MI leading Index for March shows that the six month annualised growth rate rose to 1.17% in March. The Leading Index uses economic indicators to estimate how the economy is likely to perform in the future. The positive March figure indicates that economic growth is likely to sit well … Read more »

Cafe for sale Melbourne

Cafe for sale Melbourne
Melbourne has a booming population and it is often said that there is a cafe on every corner, so when you have a cafe for sale in Melbourne how do you differentiate it for sale?
What factors make your business stand out from another cafe for sale in Melbourne?

It helps to think like a buyer … Read more »

Choose the best business broker for a smooth business transition

A relationship with a business broker is usually one you’ll have for a long time. There’s usually quite a bit of time invested when buying or selling a business. It’s worth finding a broker you like and trust. So, what to look for? 1. Choose someone you trust, and get along with. That way, you’ll find a broker who is listening to your needs. 2. Find someone knowledgeable and intelligent. … Read more »