Melbourne’s Going Gangbusters!

Melbourne is going gangbusters, and it is a fantastic time to invest in this fast-growing capital city! In 2013 the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised that a million jobs would be created in 5 years – and he was right! Over the past 15 years, about 200,000 jobs have been created every year. Huge jobs growth has been seen in health and construction sectors, and this is flowing through … Read more »

Lowest Small Business Loan Rates in Decades

The Reserve Bank of Australia decided earlier this week to maintain a record low cash rate of 1.5%. The Governor, Philip Lowe described Australia’s economic recovery as “gradual”, indicating the bank is in no rush to raise interest rates from the historic low. Low interest rates make the financing of operations, manufacture and distribution less expensive for companies. Periods of low interest rates can be good times to plan for … Read more »

Market Heats Up After Easter, Get Busy!

Happy Easter!  Business sales always go through the roof between Easter and the middle of the year. Why is this so?

Vendors are usually keen to sell at this time, because it gives them the chance to start something new in the new financial year. This is the right time for Vendors to place their businesses on the market with enough time to sell. For that reason, we see high quality … Read more »

Follow 2018’s Food and Hospitality Trends Before You Buy/Sell

Here at First Choice Business Brokers we love keeping abreast of the latest trends in business, including the food hospitality trade in Australia.

According to we will continue to see a rise in healthy food options; increased use of food delivery services; foodie events will be popular; cafes will move away from traditional mealtimes, and move to an all-day-menu; gold standard … Read more »

Popular Business Searches and Recent Business Sales

It’s always exciting for us to learn what our clients are looking for, and we’ve done some analysis. Our recent visitors have been particularly interested in buying business opportunities in the following categories:

accommodation (including hotels, motels and serviced apartments);
cafes of all sizes (including franchised cafes, university cafes, and bakery cafes);
food hospitality (including large restaurants);
franchises (every type, including restaurants, takeaway and even accommodation);
education opportunities (particularly childcare … Read more »

Australian Economic Outlook Showing Good Signs – Time to Buy a Business?

Don’t the media just love bad news!? We’ve all seen footage on the news over the past week showing people on Wall Street being concerned about the dramatic drop in the Dow Jones. But there’s so much countervailing news which shows us that Australia’s economic outlook is looking pretty good.

Australian Retailers Association Executive Director Russell Zimmerman said this week that “… we are hopeful that the improving economy will spur … Read more »

We’ll Help you to Buy a Cafe, a Restaurant… or Any Type of Business!

Are you stuck at a desk job, dreaming of becoming the owner of a food hospitality business? We can help you! For the past 20 years we’ve been helping singles, families, partnerships and consortiums to buy every type and size of food hospitality business going! At present we’ve got plenty of fantastic choices for sale, whether you’re looking for something small and easy to run yourself, or fully managed. We’ve … Read more »

Secrets To Getting the Best from Your Business Broker

Buying a business is an exciting time. But how do you attract attention and get help? Are there secrets when using a business broker? How do you win their attention and attract their time and effort?

Look serious. Many businesses attract a great deal of online attention from prospective purchasers and sell quickly. If you want to be the buyer who snaps up one of these, you need to look … Read more »

Business Confidence is up, 2018 is Time to Buy a Business!

The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment has risen 1.8% in Australia to a 4 year high, indicating a sharp improvement in confidence about the economic outlook. Paul Dales, Chief Economist at Capital Economics says “This adds to the recent run of encouraging news about the health of the household sector.” This revival in consumer confidence is a further sign that the domestic economy is recovering from the mining slowdown. … Read more »

Buy a Business, and make your dreams a reality in 2018

Happy New Year, and Happy Summer! The weather is heating up, and we’ve all had a lovely holiday. But now our brokers are back from leave, and we’ve been busy bringing quality businesses on the market, making this a great time to find your next business opportunity.  Recent economic surveys have found business conditions at an all time high. Gains have been driven by higher sales and profitability, and lower … Read more »