Ahead of the Curve – Jobs Strong, Wages Rising

20 August 2018

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest unemployment figures last Thursday. It showed that the key jobless rate fell to 5.3% in July from 5.4% in June, the lowest since November 2012. During the month, 19,300 new full-time jobs were created. Following the release of the data, the Australian dollar rose to US72.7¢. Just as encouragingly, ABS figures also showed that wages were rising … Read more »

Ahead of the Curve – Population Passes 25 Million, To Boost Businesses for Years to Come

13 August 2018

Australia’s population officially hit 25 million last Tuesday, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Population Clock, a milestone in the nation’s history.  Australia’s population increased by 388,000 in 2017. 62% (240,000) of that number was due to net migration, the number of migrants who arrive minus the number who leave. Over the last three years, Australia’s overall population has grown by around 400,000 per annum. If … Read more »

Ahead of the Curve – Falling AUD to Help Exporting Businesses Amid Overall Strength in Melbourne

6 August 2018

The most significant macroeconomic development concerning the USD-AUD pair in the last few months has been the growing negative gap between Australian and US interest rates (rising US interest rates and unchanged Australian rates), this has helped drive a 5% fall in the Aussie currency against the USD this year. At US74.2¢, the Aussie is off by more than 8% from its late January peaks of above US81¢. … Read more »

Ahead of the Curve – Major Banks to Extend Olive Branch to Business Community

31 July 2018

As requested by many of our valued clients, First Choice Business Broker is proud to launch our weekly newsletter service “Ahead of the Curve”. In this weekly publication, we focus on what we see as relevant macroeconomic news both internationally and locally, to provide you with our views and insights that will be of value to you in the business community. Our ultimate goal is to … Read more »

How Can a Business Broker Change Your Life?

Engaging a good business broker will change your life in ways you could never expect. First Choice Business Brokers has been helping single entrepreneurs, families, partnerships and corporations to transition businesses for over 20 years. This article will show you the general ways that a business broker will assist in a business sale (or purchase!), but will also show … Read more »

Income Tax Cuts will Boost Small Business

Earlier this week the government’s income tax cut package passed the Senate. The tax cuts will be rolled out in 3 stages over the next 7 years, and are expected to bring tax relief to millions of Australian workers. Australia’s Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell has welcomed the tax cuts, saying that the majority of Australian small businesses will benefit. From July 1, anyone earning between $19,000 … Read more »

5 ways to prepare for the end of financial year

Whether or not you’re looking to sell in the short term, a wise business owner will ensure their business is ALWAYS sale ready. You never know what life has in store for you around the corner. The end of financial year is a great time for small businesses to get things in order. Think about finalising your bookkeeping tasks, take stock of where your business is at, and gather new … Read more »

Victorian Economic Growth Outpaces National Trend

The latest ANZ Stateometer Report released on 23 May shows Victoria’s economic activity is growing faster than the Australian trend, and bucking the trend of other major states including NSW. Factors at play include strong public and private investment, and continued population growth. The Stateometer is a measure of economic performance across Australian states and territories, measuring 37 economic indicators, covering labour market, household and business activity, housing and trade. … Read more »

How Should I Choose a Business Broker in Melbourne?

Not all business brokers are created equally. You really need someone looking out for you, whether you’re buying or selling a business. You need someone trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. What’s the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff? First, speak to the broker and gauge how you feel. Do you feel at … Read more »

Business Brokers Save Buyers Time, Money and Stress

Buying a business directly from a vendor isn’t a great idea. Buying through a broker will save you time, money and stress. A good business broker has helped people buy and sell businesses time and again, and will have seen all the patterns, trends and tricks. They can help you consider clauses for your Offer that will help protect your interests (or what to ask your solicitor, if you have … Read more »