Use A Business Broker To Make Your Dreams Reality

Most of us have dreams. Places we’d like to visit, ways we’d like to live, or jobs we’d prefer to do. Many of us keep our dreams a secret. We’re too shy to share our dream with others, or we think someone else won’t appreciate our dream, or won’t support us with it. If you have a dream about buying an existing business, maybe building it into something bigger or better, or perhaps moving into a new industry, then we are the people to speak to. Your business broker is exactly the person to tell your dreams to. We can help you on your path. In fact, the more you tell us about your hopes for your future, the more likely we’ll be able to set you on the right path to finding the right business! We will support you every step of the way, from finding the right opportunity, to securing the right price, to finding good advisers and negotiating a deal that suits you.

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This time of year we can start to feel a bit divorced from our dreams. It’s been 6 months since the New Year, when we traditionally all think about our new year’s resolutions. Winter starts to bite, and the evenings are dark. It’s hard to get motivated. But it’s important to remember your goals, and make steps towards achieving them. Here’s some ideas for renewing your energy and enthusiasm:

• Take a mid year break. This doesn’t have to be a big getaway. A night or two away in a little bed and breakfast, or some lovely day trips to a rugged coastline, might help to recharge your batteries. Take a step back from your life, and try to see things afresh.
• Spend time thinking about what motivates you. If you’ve forgotten what first ignited your dream of being your own boss, think about what you’d gain from business ownership. You could create your ideal lifestyle and work life balance, get more job satisfaction, find security in self-reliance, or work in an industry you’re passionate about. If you focus on your passions, your motivation will fire up.
• Make SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. If you keep to this mantra, your goals will become more realistic.
• Get help. Turn to the right people for advice. That might mean a reliable business broker, a good accountant and a lawyer. You might also benefit from speaking about your finances with someone (perhaps a banker) early on in the process. That way, when you find the right opportunity, you will be in a position to act quickly.

When you’re ready to talk, we’d love to receive your call. Sharing your dream with a business broker can:


• Make your dreams become more real. When you share an idea or dream with another person (not just a broker), they become more real, because you’ve expressed the dream out loud. You’ve given the dream a name, a voice, and all of a sudden there’s someone out there who can hold you accountable to the dream!
• Help you to overcome mental hurdles or other real challenges that have been holding you back. We have helped many hundreds of people become business owners, and chances are we’ve seen your issue before. We’ll tell you the steps to make your dream real, to help you move forward and overcome challenges.

Like a builder who helps you to build your dream home, a business broker can help you to craft the life you design. Over the years we’ve helped many families build small dreams into bigger ones. Our hope is to become your lifetime partner, so that you will use us again and again, or so that your next generation will use us in twenty years’ time!

Share your dreams with us, and we’ll help you to make them a reality. If you’re looking at buying a business, we’d love to help you on your journey. Telephone First Choice Business Brokers on 9899-1888 for a confidential discussion.