Secrets To Getting the Best from Your Business Broker

Buying a business is an exciting time. But how do you attract attention and get help? Are there secrets when using a business broker? How do you win their attention and attract their time and effort?

  • Look serious. Many businesses attract a great deal of online attention from prospective purchasers and sell quickly. If you want to be the buyer who snaps up one of these, you need to look like you mean business. Remember: you are actually in competition from other purchasers!
  • Write up a resume to present to your broker. It shows that you’ve invested time presenting yourself, and is a great indicator of your seriousness to purchase. Show your past industry experience, transferrable skills, or past experience as a business owner.
  • Have your finance in place. This is the number one way to indicate to a broker that you are serious. Ensure that any loan is finalised.
  • Present as though you’re serious: dress in smart clothing when attending meetings, and make sure you’re on time. Deliver a clear message on what opportunities you are looking for. Your broker doesn’t want to be led on a wild goose-chase while you work this out. Spend time narrowing your options before you start.
  • Maintain confidentiality. Make sure that you do not discuss opportunities with anyone (including staff members of the business), until the deal is sealed. Once you buy the opportunity, you will be glad that you did, as it safeguards business continuity.

Take yourself seriously, and others will follow! To match you with an opportunity that really suits you, a good broker will want to know your needs, dreams, plan and vision. We want to keep a relationship with you for the course of your working life. We want to get it right, so that you come back to us time and again, every time you make a business transition.