Market Heats Up After Easter, Get Busy!

Happy Easter!  Business sales always go through the roof between Easter and the middle of the year. Why is this so?

Vendors are usually keen to sell at this time, because it gives them the chance to start something new in the new financial year. This is the right time for Vendors to place their businesses on the market with enough time to sell. For that reason, we see high quality stock for sale in high numbers.

By happy chance, Purchasers are also keen to buy at this time, to get everything ready for the new financial year. This can be a good idea for business owners seeking to make a business transition within the financial year for tax or accounting reasons.

The combination of all this activity means that this next quarter of the year is very busy for us at First Choice. So, what should you do? You should try to beat the rush. Complete your research phase, and get real on finalising your business search. Engage with a business broker. Make a call, and tell them what you need and want (location, takings, areas of interest and experience).

Ensure that your finance is ready to go when you see an opportunity that suits. It would be terrible to miss out because you weren’t ready to pounce! Good businesses really do move quickly. We regularly get multiple parties making offers on the same business, so you can expect that there will be times when you are in competition with other buyers. If your finance is ready, but your competitor isn’t ready, then your offer is likely to be the most attractive.

We can help you with most of what you need. We’ve got a great network of advisors who can prepare you for the business purchase (including solicitors and accountants). Trust in yourself, take a deep breath, and be ready to dive into your new and exciting life!

Welcome to being your own boss. Welcome to doing what you WANT to do!

If you’re looking to buy a business this financial year it’s time to get the ball rolling. You’ve got plenty of time to obtain advice, finance, and perform a trial period prior to taking over your new business!

Thank you to all our supporters and loyal online followers! We wish you a safe and happy Easter holiday.