Latest Ways to Improve Cafe Takings

Technology is changing our lives in so many ways, and every industry can benefit, even in the hospitality space. So, what are some modern ways to improve a café’s takings? If you’re not very technology-minded, it can seem a bit daunting, but it’s not as hard as it sounds – the trick is to keep up with the latest hints and tips, so that your business remains competitive.

1. Get some help improving your online presence, so that you are easily found on the internet. Some of this is not tricky, like getting a facebook or twitter account, and taking photos of your premises, or writing a little food “blog.” Regularly posting to such sites will help your business to attract a good “ranking” with website search engines, and improve your business’ profile.

Other technological options might seem more difficult than this, such as setting up your own website, but you might be surprised how cheap and easy it is to do yourself. Some websites can be written by you, and launched at no or low cost (you might like to look at options from weebly, wix, or go daddy). If you have a bit more money, but are short on time, you could also think about paying someone to create a website for you.

Other ideas for increasing your online presence include placing your business on online maps, such as Google Maps. This will allow people to search where you are, how to find you, and they can follow a link that will take them to your website, or perhaps even your menu!!

Another idea, (but now we’re really getting technical!) is to enhance your online presence by using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you are technically minded, you might have some luck improving your search ranking yourself. If not, you could think about hiring someone to perform this for you. Or perhaps a youngster in your family, or your neighbourhood, is great with computers, and might be able to help you out free of charge!

2. Set up a simple loyalty program for customers. For example, stamp a little card each time they buy a coffee, and give them a free coffee after every 9 coffees.

3. Think about ways you can increase your neighbourhood profile. For example, could your café sponsor the local football club, or school fete? These could be good ways to get a good name with local mother’s groups, or school mums/dads, who might have regular coffee catch ups. Consider having a corner set aside for children’s toys, so that patrons stay longer when they visit, and order more drinks.

4. Think about ways to give back to your community. Advertising that you support a local charity is a great way for the restaurant to improve its profile amongst local patrons. After a short time you could switch to a new charity, and widen the number of people getting to know your name. In the internet age, younger consumers with good spending power (the “Millennials”) place a premium on supporting ethical, local trade. By spreading the feel-good factor, you will be associating your business name with something positive!

5. Don’t forget the old rules in hospitality: have a comfortable environment for patrons, offer good quality food, ensure your food is presented well, hire friendly, polite staff, and offer popular, modern menu options.

If you’re thinking about selling your café over the next few months, call one of our Business Sales Specialists to get more hints about increasing your trade, so that you attract a great sales price for your business. We can also add value to your exit strategy, or help you to buy your next exciting venture! Call First Choice on 9899-1888.