Follow 2018’s Food and Hospitality Trends Before You Buy/Sell

Here at First Choice Business Brokers we love keeping abreast of the latest trends in business, including the food hospitality trade in Australia.

According to we will continue to see a rise in healthy food options; increased use of food delivery services; foodie events will be popular; cafes will move away from traditional mealtimes, and move to an all-day-menu; gold standard service is in demand by customers; cashless transactions will grow; online reservations will be popular; cafes will adopt more cutting edge design; cafes will need to indicate to customers that they take sustainability seriously; and women will play a key role in the hospitality sector.

Here in Australia the growing trend is visible. Population of the major cities are growing at a huge pace. With our busy lives and lifestyle changes Australians are buying more and more food prepared out of home (takeaway and dine-in). Less Australians are taking overseas holidays, with the consequence that more Australians are treating themselves closer to home. With more time spent locally, Australians are looking to make every day different, and dining out is an easy way for them to do this.

With this sector growing every year, this is a great time to buy a business in food hospitality!