How Can a Business Broker Change Your Life?

Engaging a good business broker will change your life in ways you could never expect. First Choice Business Brokers has been helping single entrepreneurs, families, partnerships and corporations to transition businesses for over 20 years. This article will show you the general ways that a business broker will assist in a business sale (or purchase!), but will also show you how we want to stay with you during the course of your life, and bring you financial success and a rewarding career for years to come.

A good business broker will:

  • Match the right buyer to the right business, so that they move toward a life they love
  • Take the stress out of buying or selling a business
  • Save everyone time
  • Keep the parties on track, guiding them as to each step they need to take
  • Assist parties to negotiate
  • Handle all the marketing
  • Access a wide pool of genuinely interested (and ready) buyers
  • Accurately assess where value can be gained for each party
  • Provide knowledge and experience to smooth bumps along the way!

At First Choice, though, we aim to do more than that, though. We want you to have such a positive experience from your first business transition that you come back to us time and time again, as you move through your business life.

Does this really happen? “Yes!” says Kevin Lee, Director at First Choice Business Brokers. “Over the years I have developed good working relationships with a number of individuals and families who have been return customers. I’ve seen some of them move from quite a humble beginning to a much stronger position later in their lives. It has been rewarding for me to be able to help them move up the ladder in life. Whether you’re buying a small suburban takeaway or cafe, right through to a large motel or childcare centre, we’ll be with you. Over my working life as a business broker I’ve seen people move from smaller business ventures up towards much larger enterprises. That’s not what every buyer wants to do. But the sky is the limit when you become your own boss, and so much becomes possible.”

Whichever stage you’re at, whether you’re buying or selling, contact First Choice Business Brokers, for high quality advice and guidance. We want to keep you as a customer for life!