Business Recovery as COVID Restrictions Ease

Following Australia’s major milestone of an 85% double-vaccination rate, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently announced a business-led recovery for Australia by easing border restrictions. From December 1, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can travel to Australia without a travel exemption. As a result, up to 200,000 tourists, backpackers, international students and skilled migrants will flock to the country during the summer season.

This reopening of borders is an especially positive development for the economy. It will alleviate the lockdown-imposed labour shortages faced by industries such as hospitality, accommodation and retail, and will revitalise the tourism industry as people begin spending money on local businesses. As the rest of the world continues to struggle through lockdowns, Australia can look forward to a prosperous and free holiday season.

The easing of border restrictions will also boost business confidence in the real estate market. This summer season is a prime time to consider buying a business, as businesses bounce back and become reliable and profitable investments. Increasing buyer interest also presents the perfect opportunity to sell. Seize your chance now and get in while the market is hot. Fortune favours the bold!

(9 News)