Popular Business Searches and Recent Business Sales

It’s always exciting for us to learn what our clients are looking for, and we’ve done some analysis. Our recent visitors have been particularly interested in buying business opportunities in the following categories:

  • accommodation (including hotels, motels and serviced apartments);
  • cafes of all sizes (including franchised cafes, university cafes, and bakery cafes);
  • food hospitality (including large restaurants);
  • franchises (every type, including restaurants, takeaway and even accommodation);
  • education opportunities (particularly childcare centres and RTOs);
  • bottle shops and
  • supermarkets (especially Asian grocers).

Obviously if these categories are the highest searched categories for buyers, then you can expect that opportunities in these categories will sell quicker. Good opportunities sell quickly, and buyers should be prepared to act fast when they see an opportunity that matches their criteria.  It helps to have your finance ready, and to have done your industry research.

March is a particularly busy month in business broking, and we’ve been getting great sales results for our clients. Recent business sales results echo the above trends in popular business searches. We have sold businesses in the following categories: bottle shop, franchised restaurant, university cafe, milk bar, takeaway, franchised takeaway, large Chinese restaurant, dry cleaners, childcare, motels, Asian grocery/supermarket, franchised supermarket, car wash, fish and chips.

These are just some of the types of business we have on offer. Visit our website for more choice: we’re bound to have something that interests you! Contact us at First Choice Business Brokers on 9899-1888, for all the help you need to secure a great business opportunity this financial year!