Business Description

General structure:

  • Location
    • Compulsory line
    • Secondary line
  • Features of premises
  • Features of business
  • Benefits of business
  • Reasons for selling

Total 6-10 points, tailor the message to suit the target audiences.

TYPE indicates a keyword and aids in promoting our advertisements in people’s search results. See last page of document for list of key words.


Compulsory first line:
☐ This (lovely/well-presented/high turnover/busy/established/popular/bright/modern/attractive) (TYPE) is well located in (Melbourne’s/Victoria’s) (north/south/east/west).
☐ Beautifully/ideally situated (TYPE) along a busy commercial street/main road/in a bustling shopping centre/business district/industrial zone in (Melbourne’s/Victoria’s) (north/south/east/west).
☐ (TYPE) located in (Melbourne’s/Victoria’s) (north/south/east/west) (along a busy commercial street/main road/in a bustling shopping centre/business district/industrial zone).  

Secondary line (optional):
☐ Situated in the (SUBURB) area/not far from (SUBURB)/just a short drive from (SUBURB).
☐ Easily accessible via public transport.
☐ Great accessibility with (ample/sufficient/plenty of) parking space (right outside/nearby).
☐ Accessible via public or private transport with a (train/bus/tram) stop (right opposite/nearby/close by) and (ample/sufficient/plenty of) parking space.
☐ The business premises has high exposure (on a corner position/close to a supermarket/at the main entrance to a supermarket/train station/school/banks/Coles/Woolworths/supermarket/on a major arterial road).
☐ Positioned right opposite a train station/bus stop/school/supermarket/major amenities/major attractions.
☐ Exposed to (a high flow of traffic/heavy foot traffic).
☐ This business is in a (highly/densely) populated area.
☐ In an area of (high/rapid) population growth.
☐ In a wealthy suburb where customers have (high spending power/lots of disposable income).
☐ In a high-growth area, surrounded by (offices/residential housing/apartment complexes), providing (fantastic/excellent/promising) potential for future (growth/development/expansion).
☐ This business is located in an area popular with (office workers/students/industrial workers/tourists), providing a stable customer base, and a reliable source of income.


☐ This (TYPE) is on a long lease, with reasonable rent/low rent.
☐ This (TYPE) is on a long lease with (XYZ) years remaining on the lease.
☐ On a long, secure lease including options.
☐ A lovely (TYPE) shop with great working conditions.
☐ Premises is spacious, with a double frontage/approximately (XYZ) square metres in size.
☐ Spacious premises with approximately (XYZ) sqm of shop space/ and (XYZ) sqm of storage.
☐ Comfortable premises, with accommodation available/2/3 bedrooms and a living area/capable of being sublet for extra income (currently $XYZ per week). Accommodation has a separate/private entrance.
☐ Excellent living conditions.
☐ Newly renovated, just move right in!
☐ Renovated to a high standard – move right in!
☐ The premises is well-presented, clean and tidy.
☐ A very modern shop with tasteful design.
☐ Great attention to detail in the shop’s lovely/beautiful/attractive design.
☐ Impactful/memorable shop design that leaves a lasting impression.
☐ The premises has great security systems and cameras in place.
☐ The premises has a convenient loading area/bay.
☐ Equipment in nearly new condition.
☐ There is little/no direct competition in the nearby area.  

☐ The premises is well-equipped, with a commercial kitchen/cool room/walk in freezer/large storage spaces.
☐ Shop décor creates an authentic and intimate café dining/restaurant experience.
☐ Premises would suit conversion to a different type of cuisine/business.


☐ This (TYPE) is a stable business, supported by many loyal customers.
☐ This (TYPE) has (over/nearly 10) years of history with a loyal customer base.
☐ With (over/nearly 10) years of history, this (TYPE) has established an extensive, loyal customer base.
☐ Operating for (over/nearly 10) years, this (TYPE) is well-supported by a loyal customer base.
☐ Well-established brand operating for (over/nearly 10) years with incredible reputation.
☐ This is an established business, with a great/soaring/esteemed reputation and long trading history.
☐ This business is supported by a loyal customer base with many return customers.
☐ This business has fantastic potential, being located in a high growth area/rapidly developing suburb/surrounded by new housing developments/leaves room to introduce new product lines/could be improved by adding deliveries/different product lines/new styles of food.
☐ This business is on an increasing takings trend.
☐ All retail sales/no wholesale/no deliveries/no agency fees.
☐ Key staff are competent, reliable and friendly.
☐ Current team/staff are dedicated, friendly and professional.
☐ This (TYPE) has a unique/innovative business concept that attracts a growing customer base.
☐ This (TYPE) has an impressive social media following with great exposure.
☐ This (TYPE) has a well-designed website for increased exposure and accessibility.
☐ This (TYPE) has an excellent online presence with its own website and social media following.  

☐ This (TYPE) is licenced to sell alcohol.
☐ Licenced to sell BYO alcohol/alcohol to (1AM).
☐ The spacious premises seats approximately (100) indoors /and (100) outdoors.
☐ Sells (XYZ)kg of coffee each week!
☐ Great potential to increase takings by expanding the menu/offering delivery services/extending trading hours.  

☐ The business is part of a popular/well-known franchise with excellent brand visibility.
☐ Head office will provide full training/full support.
☐ Head office will offer support with training/marketing.


☐ This (TYPE) provides high profit margins.
☐ This (TYPE) has high turnover/offers a high income.
☐ Provides high profit margins from a good range of product/high sales in wine/high pizza sales/deliveries.
☐ Open for 5 day trade, Monday to Friday from (7)AM to (4)PM – get a great work life balance!
☐ Open for 6 day trade, with a rest day on (Sundays/Mondays).
☐ Short opening hours provide a great work life balance. Alternatively, open for longer hours to provide the potential for further increased takings!
☐ Currently semi managed/fully managed (TYPE), offering a great work life balance. Alternatively, takings have potential to increase by moving to an owner-operated business. Lots of potential here!
☐ The current owner only works part time in this (TYPE).
☐ No delivery services required with this (TYPE).
☐ Everything is supplied directly to the shop door.
☐ Very easy to operate, with good systems in place.
☐ This (TYPE) is very easy to run.
☐ Suitable for an investor or business migrant/family operator/husband and wife team/first time business owner.
☐ Capacity exists to increase takings if operated by a husband and wife team/owner operator.
☐ The current owner will provide full training to the buyer. / The current owner will stay on to assist in the transition.  

☐ All products are pre-prepared, with only simple cooking required.
☐ This (TYPE) has a simple menu with little/no cooking required.

☐ Operated by the same owner for the past (XYZ) years. / Now selling after many years held by the same owner.
☐ Now selling for the first time./ First time listed! /On the market for the very first time!
☐ Now selling due to the current owner’s retirement/family obligations/health issues/move overseas/relocation/other business commitments/change in immigration status/ partnership issues.
☐ Keen vendor. / Owner is keen to sell.
☐ Price is negotiable.